establishing shot 

for a online live streaming performance during COVID-19 quarantine.

photoshop, illustrator, vectorworks

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digital drawing for hold at Prelude Festival, 2020

KAMVAS Pro 13 drawing tablet with Photoshop

about hold:

Created by Mei Ann Teo, composed by Orion S. Johnstone, with collaborators You-Shin Chen, Troy Anthony, and Matthias Neckermann

hold is an invitation to contemplative practice in queer resistance to capitalist conditioning of time, via collective gathering and recurring durational space. hold cultivates the body as site of revolution with seeds of intention sown in the morning and the rain of prayers at night.

the structure is simple:

welcome (3 min)
opening “bell”————closing “bell” (20 min)
seed/prayer (7min)

The Emperor's Nightingale 

Shadow puppetry in the original staged production in 2019 & 2020. In response to Pandemic, we turned this annual show into a Zoom production. The original shadow puppetry were hand drawn and cut. I turned them into a digital scroll and marked on how the camera should move to tell the story. 

1st story

1st story with indication for camera movement

2nd story part one

2nd story part two with camera movement

Blithe Spirit, book covers

Blithe Spirit is a comic play by Noël Coward. The story is set in a successful novelist Charles Condomine's house. In the production of which I designed the scenery in 2013, I also designed this series of book covers as part of the set decoration. 

Pieces from home

Line drawing with pencil, colored with Photoshop

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