I was invited to be part of shapelight by one of my favorite artists and human beings Noelle Ghoussaini. shapelight  is an intersection where installation, performance and rituals meet. It is also a space/time where people connect to our bodies and minds, to each other, and to the surroundings and the universe. 

Noelle and I collaborated on the first iteration (of this format) while she was an artistic fellow at Target Margin Theatre in Brooklyn, New York. Noelle continued workshopping this idea in the same philosophy in the places she traveled. 

In January 2021, shapelight has its official website! Check it out HERE

We are having one workshop per month starting February 2021 for total of 5 workshops. Each workshop we will explore one of the elements. We start with water on Feb. 7th. 

Little Princess

In Quintessence Theatre Group's 2020 holiday show, I am designing both set and props. There are some fun props, miniature sets and shadow puppets involve.  Oh, and there are moments when audience and characters are interacting with each other! 

To find out more, click here.

Ash Land

During the end of this pandemic summer, I was remotely production designing a short film which my good friend Shariffa Ali was developing and directed. I wished I could be there, but the pandemic situation made travel and work much more complicated. Thanks for the support from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and local artists, the film was poetic and beautiful. 

You can watch the film here

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