Twelve-Day drawing - one day one square.  Pen on paper, 18"x24"

It usually starts with one line on paper. 

One line after another, one responds to another.

Like building cells, it becomes an organism.

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digital drawing for hold at Prelude Festival, 2020

about hold:

Created by Mei Ann Teo, composed by Orion S. Johnstone, with collaborators You-Shin Chen, Troy Anthony, and Matthias Neckermann

hold is an invitation to contemplative practice in queer resistance to capitalist conditioning of time, via collective gathering and recurring durational space. hold cultivates the body as site of revolution with seeds of intention sown in the morning and the rain of prayers at night.

the structure is simple:

welcome (3 min)

opening “bell”————closing “bell” (20 min)

seed/prayer (7min)

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