Mrs. Murray's Menagerie


The creators of a 1970s children’s television program have commissioned a focus group to probe the parents of the show’s target audience. Over stale coffee and donuts, a group of strangers navigates the murky waters of American belief and perception.

Lucille Lortel Awards Outstanding Scenic Design 

Created by 
The Mad Ones and Phillip James Brannon, Brad Heberlee, Carmen M. Herlihy & January Savoy

Directed by Lila Neugenauer

Scenic Design by
You-Shin Chen & Laura Jellinek

Costume Design by Ásta Bennie Hostetter

Lighting Design by Mike Inwood

Sound Design by Stowe Nelson

Prop Design by 
Emmie Finckel & Noah Mease

Wig & Makeup Design by Alfreda "Fre" Howard - Face by Fre, LLC

Composer Justin Ellington

Dramaturg  Sarah Lunnie

Core Artistic Collaborator Raja Feather Kelly

Production Stage Manager John C. Moore

Assistant Stage Manager Bryan Bauer

Production Photos by Ben Arons


New York Times

Theater Mania "That Philadelphia community center meeting room is exquisitely realistic as created by set designers [You-Shin Chen] and Laura Jellinek."

Theater Pizzazz "a well-executed design by [You-Shin Chen] and Laura Jellinek"

exeunt NYC "[You-Shin Chen] and Laura Jellinek’s set is an uncanny, period wonder..."

Lighting & Sound America "The set, by [You-Shin Chen] and Laura Jellinek, renders with photographic reality a dreary community center meeting space, complete with a kitchen unit and upstairs office."

The Observer "built to practical-banal perfection by [You-Shin Chen] and Laura Jellinek"

New York Theatre Review "Set in the late 1970s, six parents sit around a table amidst name tags and Styrofoam cups of cheap coffee. The community center room (designed by [You-Shin Chen] and Laura Jellinek) perfectly presents the borderline dreary mundaneness of such recreational public spaces..."

Theatre is Easy "..., I hardly recognized the venue: its entire architecture feels reconstructed. Set designers [You-Shin Chen] and Laura Jellinek have completely reimagined the space to make the whole theatre feel like the American Union Community Hall in which the play takes place."

This picture was shot with my iPhone 7 during tech. It shows the office space on the upper level.

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