News of the Strange

Target Margin Theatre Lab

NEWS OF THE STRANGE is a Medieval Arab fantasy suite in the western disco era cookout tradition. It contains sorrows, difficulties and dangers, grave matters, the revelation of hidden secrets, heavy cares and troubles following one after the other, including drones, dancing, glamping, cloud-chasing vaping carnatic jinn, Western Oriental reverberations, poetry and reports. We shall perform it for you so that you may learn from it and take pleasure in it.

Directed by Moe Yousuf
Featuring: Sarah Dahnke, Eamon Goodman, Anahita Kumar, Sophie Laruelle, Viniyata Pany, and Moe Yousuf.
Musical Director / Composer / Sound Design by Eamon Goodman
Additional Compositions & Sound Design by Viniyata Pany
Scenic Design by You-Shin Chen
Lighting Design by Reza Behjat
Costume Design by Dina Abd El-Aziz
Choreography by Sarah Dahnke
Stage Manager Matt Hunter
Production Photos by Maria Baranova

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