Red Velvet

Shakespeare Theatre Company

Written by Lolita Chakrabarti
Directed by Jade King Carroll
Scenic Design by You-Shin Chen
Costume Design by  Rodrigo Muñoz
Lighting Design by Yuki Nakase Link
Sound Design and Composition by Karin Graybash
Wig Design by Danna Rosendahl

Resident Casting Director - Danica Rodriguez
Dramaturgy - Dr. Soyica Colbert and Dr. Drew Lichtenberg
Voice and Text Coaches - Lisa Beley and Kim James Bey
Fight and Intimacy Consultant - Sierra Young
Additional Fight and Intimacy Consultant - Chelsea Pace
Assistant Directors - Jacob Ettkin and Max J. Kelly
Production Stage Manager - Anthony O. Bullock
Assistant Stage Manager - Samantha Wilhelm

Production - Shakespeare Theatre Company
Venue -  Michael R. Klein Theatre

Photo by Teresa Castracane Photography

Washington Post “Red Velvet” also offers a sense of spectacle, thanks to [You-Shin Chen]’s lush, rotating set, which spins from a dressing room to a parlor room to the Theatre Royal stage itself. Yuki Nakase Link makes several clever lighting choices, illuminating Cheatom in moonlight at the end of Act 1 before framing the cast in a striking Act 2 tableau. Rodrigo Muñoz’s costumes are appropriately lavish, and Karin Graybash’s sound design elevates the play’s unsettling conclusion. 

Broadway World "The richly decorated turntable set (Scenic Designer [You-Shin Chen]) and gorgeously detailed costumes (Costume Designer Rodrigo Muñoz) are icing on the cake. Shakespeare Theatre Company's Red Velvet is stunning in every sense of the word."

DC Theater Arts "The costumes by Rodrigo Muñoz cover an astonishing range of epochs and situations and are exceptionally beautiful. Scenic Designer [You-Shin Chen]’s sets, sumptuous and ever-changing, are simply a marvel. Lighting Designer Yuki Nakase Link’s lavish talents utilize both light and shadow. Karin Graybash’s mastery as both sound designer and composer is equally impressive, rounding out the creative dream team."

Maryland Theatre Guide "'Red Velvet’s' technical design is classically splendid. An opulent King Lear costume sits outside of the sumptuous red curtains before the show, just one of the glamorous period costumes by Rodrigo Muñoz. The set, often swathed by fog in [You-Shin Chen]’s scenic design, turns to reveal three settings: a theatre dressing room adorned in ample red accents, London’s Theatre Royal stage, and a parlor. A mix of strings, piano, and bells score the transitions between set pieces, designed and composed by Karin Graybash. Lighting by Yuki Nakase Link is unsubtle, but still effectively punctuates reveals." 

Red Velvet - Transition from 1833  back to 1867. (Video by Rodrigo Muñoz)

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