The Hollower

New Light Theater Project

 Otto is visited by an investigative podcaster who is half-pig, half-man. She also has a teenaged occult enthusiast houseguest who is making a claymation film about seventeenth century witchcraft in her kitchen. the hollower is a modern haunt-comedy exploring seventeenth century colonialism and how crowded isolation can be.

This new play by Liza Birkenmeier (who was a finalist for the inaugural Relentless Award and made the Kilroy’s 2016 list) tackles the perils of having a body in a repressed, imperialist, and moralistic world.

Written by Liza Birkenmeier 
Directed by Kristy Dodson 
Scenic Design by You-Shin Chen 
Lighting Design by Carolyn Wong 
Costume Design by Max Archimedes Levitt
Prop design by Leila Ben-Abdallah
Sound Design by Andy Evan Cohen 
Production Photos by Hunter Canning


New York Times "sharing a hovel ― [You-Shin Chen]’s set features the dirty dishes, empty soda bottles and crusty takeout containers that have come to represent American desperation onstage..."
Theatre is Easy "designed to perfection by [You-Shin Chen]"
Theater Scene "Scenic designer [You-Shin Chen] provides a fabulously detailed messy kitchen. Carolyn Wong’s lighting design eerily represents the unease of the narrative. Sound designer Andy Evan Cohen perfectly modulates the effects and Tara Amber’s bracing original music."
Off Off Online "[You-Shin Chen]’s cluttered kitchen set provides surprises with unexpected entry points for Pigman and Missy."

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