The Night Alive

The Bluver Theater at The Drake

Produced by Inis Nua Theatre Company

Tommy is barely scraping by - he lives in a filthy studio apartment and survives on odd jobs around Dublin. When he rescues a young woman from her abusive boyfriend, Tommy’s dilapidated home becomes a safe haven from her violent past. The tenuous friendship they build forever alters their lives. A delicate and humane play from one of Ireland’s most widely produced playwrights. 

Written by Conor McPherson
Directed byTom Reing
Set Design by You-Shin Chen
Lighting Design by Abby Schlackman
Costume Design by Eleini Delopoulos
Sound Design by Christopher Colucci
Fight Director Steve Wei 
Properties Design by Avista Custom Theatrical Services
Stage Manager Abby Toll 
Technical Director Joe Daniels 
Production Manager Lauren Tracy 
Dialect Coach Leonard Kelly
Photos: Ashley Smith


"[You-Shin Chen]’s set design—a crumbling bedsit strewn with trash bags and takeout containers—certainly telegraphs the rudderless world that McPherson’s down-and-out denizens inhabit."

The Theater Guide 
"the apartment (Scenic Design by [You-Shin Chen]) portrays a low-key, just-spacious-enough apartment containing doors to outside, the bathroom, and a hallway. The apartment is a mess and gives the befitting impression that whomever lives within is not in the healthiest of mental states. With strong Irish themes including icons of Jesus and John F. Kennedy, the aging stained glass above the hallway door, the old-fashioned looking daisy chandelier lighting the room, and the numerous trash bags and piles of old novels give an impression of a place with potential but that is rotting away under its current upkeep. The place is a perfect parallel with the stories of the characters, who are in disarray but figuring out how to get themselves together." 

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